Pregnancy Week by Week
- Cycle of Life Journey!

Your Pregnancy Week by Week will guide you embarking on incredible journey of giving birth to your baby. If you are a pregnant woman or want to know how to get pregnant, it is here what you ever need.

Every pregnant woman deserve to get enough information about pregnancy, no exception to you. I'm pretty sure that you are eager to know what is the earliest possible signs of pregnancy, how is your baby development inside your tummy, and of course you need some pregnancy advice to go through this 9 months of life journey.

Here, in this pregnancy website, I will show you the wonderful fetus development taking place inside your body, starting from conception to birth as well as how your body will gradually change to adapt to this new role.

It is always good to know what to expect during your pregnancy, especially during the first trimester pregnancy as it is the most challenge time during the whole pregnancy cycle.

As your week by week pregnancy guide, you'll find some pregnancy advice and tips on how to manage your health, which involves a good diet and exercise. You know, it is crucial to keep yourself healthy for the well being of your child. It is all about you to enjoy this period of time!

Are you still trying to get pregnant? I am here to help providing you some valuable tips for you and your partner to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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Feel free to look into our Table of Contents below if it may answer your pregnancy concerns. Also, you can visit to my friend's site with regards to advice for pregnant moms.

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Table of Contents

How to Get Pregnant? Tips to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant
How to get pregnant? You wonder.. If you are trying to get pregnant, here are some advice of getting pregnant & tips how to conceive.
Am I pregnant? Earliest Possible Signs of Pregnancy
Am I pregnant? Check this out by yourselves the first signs of pregnancy or any early pregnancy symptoms.
First Trimester of Pregnancy - Pregnancy Week 1 until Pregnancy Week 12
The first trimester pregnancy is a time of massive changes inside your body. During this 1 week pregnant until week 12 pregnancy is the time that carries the highest risk of miscarriages.
2nd Trimester of Pregnancy - Pregnancy Week 13 until Pregnancy Week 27
2nd trimester of pregnancy is often described as the best time of pregnancy. During this pregnancy 13 weeks until pregnancy week 28 is the time when you see rapid growth of your baby.
3rd Trimester Pregnancy - From Pregnancy Week 28 until Pregnancy Week 40
3rd trimester pregnancy begins from pregnancy 28 weeks and lasts until giving birth. At the end of the third trimester, you will make the transition from being pregnant to being a parent.
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Pregnancy Week 2 in The 1st Trimester
During your pregnancy week 2, your egg or ovum is ready to be fertilized in your fallopian tubes and your last period is finished. This weeks 2 of pregnancy is the best time to have unprotected sex.
Pregnancy Week 1 in The First Trimester
During your pregnancy week 1, you are not actually pregnant and you are still having your menstrual period. This so called 1 Week Pregnant is a perfect time to plan if you are trying to conceive.
Ovulation, Ovulation Cycle & Menstrual Period
Understanding your ovulation cycle is essential as it is a factor in getting pregnant. Learn how your menstruation cycle works in order to increase your chances of getting pregnant.
3 Weeks Pregnant in The 1st Trimester
At 3 weeks pregnant, you are just kicking off your pregnancy journey. During this week, you may start feeling any early pregnancy symptoms.
Bleeding during Ovulation | Menstruation Cycle
Bleeding during ovulation is not your regular menstrual period and normally happens in the middle of your ovulation cycle. It can be an indicator to increase your chances of getting pregnant.
Pregnancy Week 7 in The 1st Trimester
During pregnancy week 7 in the first trimester, your embryo will grow tremendously, upto 13mm in length and 1/30 ounce in weight. By now, you still have morning sickness, in which may be in full swing
Missed Period - Am I Pregnant?
Missed period is one of the earliest possible signs of pregnancy. Check it out if you are really pregnant, or it may lead to something else.
Chinese Birth Chart - Predict Your Babies Gender
Chinese Birth Chart is one of the method to predict your baby is boy or girl using expecting mother's age and conception date.
Pregnancy Week 13 in The 2nd Trimester
Pregnancy week 13 is the beginning of second trimester of pregnancy. Most of the dreadful early signs of pregnancy will fade away & you feel more energy.
Pregnancy 14 Weeks in The 2nd Trimester
Pregnancy 14 weeks is when your baby's body systems are starting to work on their own. It is the good time for you to find a prenatal exercise class.
15 Week Pregnancy in The 2nd Trimester
When you are at 15 week pregnancy, it is good a good time to schedule for amniocentesis if you plan to have it. Your fetus now can breath the amniotic fluid in and out of its lungs.
Pregnancy 4 Weeks in The 1st Trimester
Pregnancy 4 weeks is the beginning of embryonic period, when your baby's organs will start developing. This is the time when you realize of missed period.
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