2nd Trimester Pregnancy
- Physical Changes of Your Body

The 2nd trimester is sometimes referred as "golden weeks" of pregnancy. This is because, during this second trimester of pregnancy, most of the symptoms of early pregnancy have already dispersed. Your nausea and dizziness is likely subsiding and eventually fading away. You may also find that you are sleeping better and your energy is returning.

However, you may start to feel some new discomforts as your physical body beginning to change in order to cope with the rapid growth of your fetus. During this 2nd trimester, you will begin to gain weight and your cravings of food will be more and more. It is important to take care of your pregnancy diet during this time as you need the nutrients as much as your baby needs it. Please remember that you are eating for two. The other discomforts that you may feel are:

  • Aches and pain
    • The common aches and pains of the 2nd trimester mainly because of the size and weight of the uterus and maybe due to the pregnancy's hormones.

  • Back pain
    • In this 2nd trimester, your center of gravity is changed as a result of your uterus becomes heavier. Even without noticing it, you will start gradually adjusting your movement and posture. It will result the back pain.

  • Heartburn
    • When the contents of the stomach backing up into the esophagus, it will release stomach acids which will irritate your esophagus. As a result, you will feel a burning sensation at about the level of the heart.

  • Leg cramps
    • The exact cause of leg cramps is uncertain, but they may be due to an inadequate amount of calcium in your diet, fatigue, or pressure of the uterus on nerves in your legs.

  • Weight gain
    • Even though it is essential to increase weight but some ladies do may concern about this weight gain. Anyway, if you are an average weight, you should expect to gain 25 to 35 pounds before the end of pregnancy. It is about a pound a week in average after the first pregnancy.

  • Skin changes
    • You may look flushed, as if you are blushing, or you may develop brownish markings (sometimes called "the mask of pregnancy") on your face. You may also notice "stretch marks" appearing on your abdomen, thighs or breasts. These changes are usually caused by increasing hormone levels, and will go away or fade dramatically after the baby is born. "Fuhh!!"

Another thing you should know during this second trimester of pregnancy is that your baby will begin to seem more recognizable human shape. You can ask your doctor to do the 3d ultrasounds if you like. You may start to feel your baby's movement (sometimes called as quickening), but it is not more than an infrequent fluttering feeling until you reach week 25 of pregnancy.

Your baby is protected by amniotic sac and floating in amniotic fluid. As your baby is still small in size, he or she still has a lot of room to move.

All in all, this period of time is always the time to remember as you may start feeling the connection between and your baby. Still, you need to always remember that the way you take care of yourself is very essential to the development of your baby. Please try your best to follow whatever advice given by your doctor or me in this website. I really hope that you enjoy your pregnancy life as much as I enjoy writing this article for you.

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