How to Get Pregnant?
- You wonder...

"How to get pregnant? What should I do to get pregnant? How to conceive? Why is it so difficult for me to trying to conceive? Why me?" There are always a question mark in your head when you have difficulty to get pregnant.

Yes, getting pregnant is easy for others, but maybe not for you. This is all God's job and you believe that (well, I do!). But, you still need to play your part before He gives you the 'gift'.

"What is my part, then?" You ask. Well, your part is to acquire as much knowledge on how to conceive & some getting pregnant tips in order for you to increase your chances of getting pregnant. In order to do that, it's my part to provide you that needed information. Take your seat, please.

First thing first, I believe you should understand the basic knowledge behind the miracle of pregnancy. This is always the first step in your journey towards pregnancy. How to get pregnant if you don't know the basic, right? Here, I'll cover some basic about reproductive system, ovulation cycle as well as conception process. It is important as it may help to increase your chance to get pregnant. You may relate this basic knowledge with your day to day activities.

Once you know the process involved in reproduction, and the factors that can affect your fertility and your partner, now it's time to give you some advice on getting pregnant. You may call it getting pregnant tips if you want it, though. Here they are:

  • Get fit
    • Regular exercise can make a world of difference. A brisk of half an hour walk, for three times a week can make you fitter, healthier and can improve your mental well being.

  • Eat healthily
    • Go for diet that contains relatively low fat. Eat lots of raw fruit and green leafy vegetables to boost your intake of vitamins and minerals.

  • Drink sensibly
    • Alcohol is not good for your baby's development. So, try to stop or reduce drinking any alcoholic drinks. Excess alcohol can affect you partner's sperm production as well.

  • Stop contraception
    • If you are taking the contraceptive pill, wait at least a month after you come off the pill before trying to get pregnant, otherwise you may disrupt your hormonal balance. If you are using other methods, such as IUD, hormonal injection or implant, please get advice from your doctor.

  • Time it right
    • You can only become pregnant around ovulation, which is around 14 days before the start of the next expected period. Your egg is viable on overage for about 2 days, while your partner's sperm can survive inside you for about 3-4 days. You are encouraged to make love regularly around this time, so that sperm are present and waiting for the egg.

  • Know your body
    • If you can recognize the changes in your body during ovulation, you can improve your chances of getting pregnant. For instance, cervical mucus - a watery and stretchy substance will appear in your vagina 1-2 days before ovulation, your temperature will rise slightly after ovulation and you may experience a dull ache or stabbing pain around ovulation.

By following all the tips below, I hope that you can successfully getting pregnant and have your own baby. I hope "how to get pregnant?" should not be your problem anymore. If you still need more information, feel free to read the following article.

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