Missed Period
- Am I Pregnant for Real?

Missed period can be one of the very early symptoms of pregnancy, but it is not always true. One of the most frustrating things a woman can experience is having a late period and a negative pregnancy test, especially if you are trying to get pregnant.

You know, a late period and recurring negative pregnancy test results can lead to a great deal of stress, worry, confusion and conjecture on what might be happening, even if you are not trying to conceive.

If you are the one of the frustrated woman out there, you should know that missed period does not necessarily mean you are pregnant. There are at least eight reasons of delayed period that I can figure out, and of course one of them is due to pregnancy.

So, what are the other reasons of late period?

  1. Stress
    • Stress may impact the decline of certain hormones, which cause you not to ovulate. No ovulation means no regular menstrual period. So, try to relax a little bit.

  2. Illness
    • A sudden, short illness or even a longer illness can cause your periods to be delayed temporarily. Once your body is well, your period will usually return.

  3. Change in Medications
    • New medication, especially birth control pills can cause a delayed or absent period. Please consult your doctor or midwife about this side effect.

  4. Change in Routine
    • If you are working in shift environment, change in routine from days to nights at work or vice versa can result in missed period.

  5. Overweight
    • Too much weight can shift the hormones cycle or even stop it. You need to lose some weight if you want your cycle return to normal.

  6. Underweight
    • If you do not have enough body fat, you will not have your regular menstrual period, or worse can cause your period to stop all together. This is called amenorrhoea and can happen to woman who extremely work out or to the athletes.

  7. Menopause
    • Menopause is when you reach the point that you will no longer ovulate or menstruate. Menopause can be a natural life event or may happen surgically through hysterectomy or through chemical such as chemo-therapies.

    All in all, if your period is delay does not necessarily mean you are pregnant yet, especially if you don't have any subsequent early pregnancy symptoms. You know yourself better, right? So, have a healthy lifestyle and don't overstress, otherwise you might miss your period.

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