Pregnancy 11 Weeks
- "I Feel Very Tired.. :( "

Welcome to pregnancy 11 weeks! You are only a week away from entering pregnancy 2nd trimester. Within this week, the morning sickness may be less as your body starts to adjust to the high levels of hormones inside your bloodstream. (Thank goodness!!)

However, you may feel extremely tired during 11 weeks pregnancy because during this time, your body is working very hard 24/7 non-stop! In order to reduce the fatigue, please keep your blood-sugar level up with frequent snack of complex carbons and protein.

In addition to that, when you are in pregnancy 11 weeks, you should take extra care when doing any physical work, including household chores and avoid any violent twisting or jerking movement. Why is that? Because, during pregnancy, especially in this early pregnancy, your body produces hormones called relaxin. This hormone softens your pelvic ligaments to ease the childbirth. But, the bad impact is, it will also slacken other ligaments leaving you vulnerable to sprains and other injuries.

Other changes happening to you that you need to be aware and take care in this pregnancy 11 weeks, please refer below. There are also some development happening to your baby:

Expectant mother:

  • In this 11 weeks pregnancy, your uterus is just about big enough to fill your pelvis and is probably poking up above the middle of your pubic bone.
  • More blood is filling in your body and will continue to increase until 30th weeks.
  • Your heart becomes stronger and more efficient to cope with its increased workload in this pregnancy 11 weeks.
  • In addition, your hair and fingernails are starting to growth rapidly. Some pregnant women even have their hair more unruly than normal.
  • During this week, you will continue to have mix emotions about your pregnancy. It is good if you can keep your spirit up as much as possible through turning into some parenting and health channels that talk about pregnancy.

Fetus development:

pregnancy 11 weeks fetus development>

  • In this pregnancy 11 weeks, your baby is big enough to hold in the palm of your hand, which is around 1.5 inches (38 mm) long and 1/4 ounce (7 gram) weight.
  • During this time, external genital start to develop.
  • The neck muscles and bones are developing while head which is still large will start to lift of the chest.
  • Your baby's organs are fully formed inside the torso. It means that your baby is virtually safe from any risk of congenital abnormalities by 11 weeks pregnancy.
  • Your baby is moving quite vigorously but he or she is too small to be felt by you. By now, he or she able to open and close fists.
  • He or she also may practice the sucking reflex to be ready for breast feeding - lips come together, forehead wrinkles and head turns, searching for imaginary nipple.
  • In addition, his or her fingers and toes have separated instead of webbed. Therefore, no more amphibous-like resemblance in this pregnancy week 11.

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