Pregnancy 14 Weeks
- Exercise During Pregnancy. Is That A Good Idea?

Do you realize that you are already in pregnancy 14 weeks? You may not realize it if you are enjoying this moment of pregnancy second trimester. As mentioned in pregnancy week 13, you may have more energy in this pregnancy week 14 since your levels of hormones are becoming steady and mood swings of the first trimester will slow.

However, as your intestinal muscles are working slowly during this pregnancy 13 weeks and your baby is pressing against your bowel, you might begin to experience constipation. "How do I tackle it?" Try to balance your pregnancy diet by increasing fiber in your diet and drink more water. Fiber can be found in green vergy and fruits. So, eat a lots of this kind food.

If there is no relief of this constipation after a while and you find it troublesome, you may need to talk to your doctor or midwife to get his or her expert opinions.

As your energy is recovering, I believe it is a good time for you to find a prenatal exercise. You may want to start doing some exercise during pregnancy which might help you to keep you fit and healthy during this time. Prenatal exercise also provide you a wonderful way to bond with and get support from other pregnant women.

What other changes happening to you when you are 14 weeks pregnant and what happen to your baby? Check this out:

Expectant mother:

  • In this pregnancy 14 weeks, your uterus is now the size of a grapefruit and about to show above your pelvis.
  • Around this time, linea nigra, a dark line starts to appear down the middle of your abdomen. It gets darker and more pronounced until after birth, when it begins to disappear.
  • You will continuously gain weight at a rate of around 1 lb per week. Please do not ever try to lose your weight during pregnancy as it may cause danger for both you and your fetus.

Fetus development:

week 14 fetus development>

  • Your baby is approximately 3 to 4 in (8 to 10 cm) long and 1 to 2 oz (28 to 56 g) in weight during this pregnancy 14 weeks.
  • Your baby's body systems are beginning to work on their own.
  • His or her digestive system starts to practice moving food along the intestines and through the renal system and he or she begins to urinate into the amniotic fluid.
  • His or her blood is beginning to form in the bone marrow and blood vessels are beginning to connect between various parts of the fetus.
  • By pregnancy week 14, your baby already has tiny, soft nails on his or her fingers and toes. He or she also begins to his finger and don't be surprised if he or she can make a fist and suck his or her thumb!
  • Your baby's hands become functional and reflex movements often occur.
  • His or her neck becomes longer and his or her chin is no longer resting on the chest.
  • The fine body hair called lanugo continues to grow in the other parts of your baby's body from now until birth.

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