Pregnancy 22 Weeks
- Your Belly Becomes A Hand Magnet

You are now reaching the pregnancy 22 weeks when your belly becomes a hand magnet. Since your belly is too obvious to hide now, everybody like to touch and feel it. Do not be shy to mention it if you don't like to be touched or feeling ackward. Each one of us has different preference.

As your belly become more prominent, you are now start to realize this growing tummy offers you some obstacles that you never imagine before. You cannot bend your body onwards to take your child's toys on the floor, for example. You cannot stand with a leg and you have to extra careful to descend a staircase. But, please do not be afraid. This is just temporary until birth and you will get used to it.

Week by week, you will continue to gain weight steadily and most of it is because of your baby. Due to this extra weight, your back is taking the toll. To avoid the backpain, or rather to reduce the pain (since you may feel it anyway) try to wear some comfortable low-heeled shoes and rest with your feet raised above your hips. Hopefully it will help you to feel more comfortable too.

During pregnancy week 22 prenatal visit, you may expect something new to the way your doctor examine you. This time, you will be measured with a tape from your sternum to the top of pelvis (called fundal height) as your doctor will correlate it with the number of weeks you are pregnant.

Below is more information with regards to your body changes in pregnancy 22 weeks as well as fetus development:

Expectant mother:

  • In pregnancy week 22, you are developing stretch marks on your tummy. How bad is your streych mark is largely depending on genetic.
  • On top of that, you may also start to feel itchy and your belly button has popped out.
  • Due to increase levels of blood circulating to your skins surface, you may have a unique pregnancy glow in this pregnancy 22 weeks.
  • The muscles in your side are stretching to accomodate your new shape may get you a stitch down your side more often.

Fetus development:

pregnancy 22 weeks fetus development>

  • Your baby is now weighted around 1 lb (0.45 kg) and 12.5 in (30 to 32cm) in long.
  • He or she has fully developed eyelashes and eyebrows in this pregnancy 22 weeks.
  • Nose also is taking on a more defined shape as cartilage (soft bone) appears.
  • In addition, fine hair on your baby's head is continuing to grow.
  • In this 22 weeks of pregnancy too, your baby's brain begins a rapid growth process.
  • If your baby is a boy, his testes have begun to descend from pelvis into scrotum.
  • Last but not least, you can expect to hear your baby's heartbeat using a stethoscope in this very week.

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