Pregnancy 4 Weeks
- "Where's My Regular Period?"

Pregnancy 4 weeks is when you feel anxious whether you are pregnant or not. Maybe it is too early for any early pregnancy symptoms to occur, but you may realize that your regular period is not coming. Yes, you have missed period!

Some women may start to realize some changes on their body, such as extremely tired, nausea and cramping. Sometimes, cramping badly as if you are about to get your regular menstrual period. These are all the earliest possible signs of pregnancy.

You may feel tired because your body is now performing remarkable work to support your new baby!

If you have those early pregnancy symptoms and you think you are pregnant, I advise you that you take urine pregnancy test as soon as possible. The earlier you know you are pregnant, the better! - you need to beware of any pregnancy dangers especially during early pregnancy.

You know, if you are exposed to any harmful substance, it could damage or harm your fetus development. Please immediately inform your doctor if you have been exposed to any potential hazardous substance during this feew weeks of pregnancy.

Back to the pregnancy test, if your test result is negative, do not feel frustrated yet. Your possibility of being pregnant is still there, except that you may not produce enough pregnancy hormones (hCG) for the test to detect. Please wait for a couple of weeks for that.

Since pregnancy 4 weeks is the beginning of embryonic period, your baby's organs will start developing from now on. You may want to know the changes happen to you and soon to be your baby:

Expectant mother:

  • You may experience small amounts of blood, like a very light period called spotting. This is a sign that the fertilized egg has successfully attached itself to the wall of your uterus.
  • You may feel some strange metallic taste, which one of the early pregnancy symptoms. But, most women do not notice any symptoms during this veray early stage.
  • During 4 weeks of pregnancy, the opening of your uterus has formed a mucus plug in order to protect the fetus. It will stay in place until you are ready to deliver.

Fetus development:

week 14 embryo>

  • By week 4 pregnancy, the fertilized egg should successfully implant into the uterine lining.
  • During this time, the size of your embryo is less than 1 mm long.
  • Your baby's cells are dividing and multiplying rapidly.
  • As the embryo develops, the cells become more more specialized for their specific roles.
  • Three layers will form in the embryo, like the rings of an onion.
  • The inner layer becomes the internal organs, the middle layer goes on to form bones and muscles and the outer layer will make up the brain, nervous system and skins.

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