Pregnancy Week 1
- You are Not Pregnant Yet!

During your pregnancy week 1, you are not actually pregnant and you are still having your menstrual period. This is because, when calculating the due date of your labor, the doctor decides your first day of your last period as a starting point. If you are trying to get pregnant, this is the perfect time to get your body ready for becoming pregnant.

This week's period may be the last one you have for a good long while (it can go as long as one and a half year if you are breastfeeding!). Appreciate it knowing the fact that if it weren't for that monthly blood-shedding, you wouldn't be able to grow the baby you're hoping to conceive!

As a matter of fact, if you are serious to try to conceive, your pregnancy plan starts now! So, what is your expectation during this first week of pregnancy? You have to start your healthy life style. To do that, I advise you to:

  • Avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs as they can lead to birth defects and low birth rate
  • Eat healthy meals & be at an ideal weight
  • Have an IUD removed and do not take birth control

I suggest you to consult your health care provider if you want to increase your chance of getting pregnant. Ask your doctor of any prescription drugs that you may be taking or stop taking. Please make sure that your diet has adequate amount of vitamins, especially folic acid if you are really into getting conceived.

What happen to your body and baby during this pregnancy week 1?

Expectant mother:

  • There is nothing happen to you, except you are having your normal menstrual period.
  • While you are on your period, your ovaries is ready to launch your egg (ovum or ova) into your fallopian tube. This process is called ovulation.

Fetus Development:

  • Your baby is yet to be created, except it's just a tiny cell called egg (yes, an egg!) begins to mature inside of a fluid-filled sac inside your ovaries.

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