Pregnancy Week 13
- Fuuh!! Finally, You are in The 2nd Trimester

Welcome to the pregnancy week 13, the beginning of the 2nd trimester - the best pregnancy time ever (so called)! You are already in pregnancy week 13, which you can expect your early pregnancy symptoms (morning sickness and so on) will gradually disappear and you find yourself with more energy. It is because you are starting to catch up with your body's increased workload and your body itself start to get used of being pregnant.

If you are feeling tired, do not worry so much. Just listen to your body and get REST! You have to make sure that you have enough rest as your body is working very hard right now.

It is also a good time if you are going to tell the good news to others especially your family before your tummy gets bigger.

"I heard that I'm safe from miscarriage if I can reach 2nd trimester, is that right?". Yes, you are right, but partly. Your risk for miscarriage drops substantially starting from pregnancy week 13, but the possibility is still there. In some cases, miscarriage can happen up to 20 weeks, especially for those who have incompetent cervix - cervix is too weak to stay closed during pregnancy. Consult your doctor if you think you are one of them and take extra precautions if it's true you are the one.

By this pregnancy 13 weeks, you may start thinking of wearing loose fitting clothes as your favorite pair of jeans are no longer fit.

You might want to know the other changes happening to you as well as your fetal development in this pregnancy 13 weeks:

Expectant mother:

  • In this pregnancy week 13, your uterus is continuously and now is about the size of grapefruit.
  • You may start feeling some ache or discomfort in your abdomen in this 13 weeks pregnancy.
  • Your breasts continue to change during your 13 weeks pregnant - besides your nipples and areolas become even darker, you might noticing the veins in your breasts are more prominent.
  • Some women may also start developing larger benign bumps on their breasts during pregnancy. How about you?
  • You may also start feeling some discomfort around your lower abdomen, which is normally called round ligament pain - due to the stretch of your ligaments that surround your uterus stretch to accommodate your baby growing.

Fetus development:

week 13 fetus development>

  • During 13th weeks of pregnancy, your baby will grow around 1.5 to 3 in (35 to 75 mm) length and weighs around 1/2 to 3/4 oz (14 to 21 grams).
  • Your baby is more and more looks like human as its body is catching up the size of its head
  • His or her eyes start to move closer together and ears are beginning to move to their final positions.
  • By now, your baby's hands and feet are fully formed.
  • Inside of his or her belly, the liver begins to secrete bile while the pancreas is starting to produce insulin.
  • His or her intestines are moving from the umbilical cord into his or her own abdomen
  • All 20 milk teeth have formed and waiting under the gums, while your baby has begun to practice swallowing by taking in the surrounding amniotic fluid and passing it back in his or her urine
  • Your baby can smile and his or her vocal cords are quick developing.
  • By 13 weeks pregnancy, your baby has as many nerve endings as you do! The connections are being made between brain, muscles and nervous system.

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