Pregnancy Week 2
- The ideal time to have your unprotected sex!

Your pregnancy week 2 is when you are trying to make a baby. Once your menstrual period is finished, you may want to consider a lot of unprotected sex. Yes, a lot of unprotected sex in order to successfully get pregnant! Why? Because you may not successfully conceive in the first try. So, enjoy your week! :p You may also find you are at your peak level of energy and creativity during this week of cycle.

The so called pregnancy week 2 is when ovulation occurs (if you have a regular 28-day menstruation cycle). This ovulation happens around 14 days before the start of the next expected period. You may want to get ovulation test kit to find out when you are ovulating. Ovulation timing is critical in order to increase your chance in getting pregnant.

What else you need to know for this 2 weeks of pregnancy? Yup, your partner also need to play his role during this week. Not only to be your sex partner, also need to begin to take care of his healthy life style. The health of expecting father does play an important role in baby's health and development. Now is the right time to stop smoking, drinking and develop some better eating habits. In fact, your partner should start his healthy lifestyle during your first week of pregnancy.

So, what happen to your body and baby during this pregnancy 2 weeks?

Expectant mother:

  • Your menstrual period is finished. Your uterine lining is thickening to provide cushion and nourish your soon to be conceived baby.
  • If fertilization is success, your fertilized egg or zygote will be traveled down the uterine tube and reached the uterus.
  • Your uterus then begins to enlarge and the walls soften to ease zygote to be implanted in the lining.
  • Although there's plenty going on, the truth is, it's all behind the scenes. Your body doesn't know what's hit it yet, and it won't until at least next week.

Fetus development:

  • Your eggs are ripening in one of the ovaries and preparing to be released.
  • Once released, it will travel along fallopian tube, get ready to be fertilized.
  • If it successfully fertilized, it will start to divide and multiply itself during its travel down to the uterus - around 10 days.
  • At first, it is just a ball of cells, which is called blastocyst and looks rather like a microscopic blackberry.

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