Pregnancy Week 7
- Morning Sickness, Please Go Away!

Time is flying fast, huh! You are now in pregnancy week 7. By now, you should already realize that you are pregnant. In fact, you start to feel more and more pregnant - thanks to the early pregnancy symptoms that you had in the previous weeks. As your pregnancy continuous, the early pregnancy signs may start to fade away, except for the morning sickness - even worse as it may be in full swing in this pregnancy 7 weeks.

Due to the morning sickness, eating may feel like a chore or worse. However, you may start craving for food as well, which is perfectly natural part of pregnancy. Please learn which pregnancy diet that can suit to your taste and good for your baby. You should aware that everything you put in your mouth has the potential effect to your unborn baby.

During this pregnancy week 7, taste preferences may change significantly - your favorite food before pregnancy may be the least you like now. This is due to the hormones, increasing metabolic demands and needs for additional calories to cope with your developing fetus.

It is important at this time of pregnancy to rest when you can because miscarriage can happen during this early pregnancy. If you are usually busy all day, try your best to cut down your hectic schedule.

You may also feel dizzy especially when standing for a long time. If you feel that, sit down and rest for a few minutes until the feeling passes. It is just a normal early pregnancy signs.

Below is some changes in your body as well your baby development during pregnancy week 7:

Expectant mother:

  • Your uterus has doubled in size in the past 5 weeks.
  • You might start noticing a small pooch in your lower abdomen.
  • You may notice small lumps appearing on your areolae (the dark circles surrounding your nipples) - as your breasts prepare to produce milk
  • Your increasing blood volume (10% more blood than you did before pregnancy) and extra fluid being processed through your kidney make you need to frequently urinate

Fetus development:

week 7 fetus development>


  • During pregnancy 7 weeks, your baby will grow up to 13mm (1/2 inch) in length (approx. size of a large blueberry) and weigh about 1/30 ounce (less than a breath mint).
  • Your baby's facial features become more prominent
  • His/ her eyes start to become more fully formed, moving to the front of the face - eyelids are forming too!
  • By now, he/ she should has properly developed arms and legs. Small hands and feet also have formed, complete with tiny bumps where fingers and toes will grow.
  • Your baby has lips, a tongue and openings where nostrils will form
  • Your baby's heart is fully formed and working diligently to pump blood around a tiny, but increasingly complex, network of veins and arteries

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